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    O.G.B. Inc                                           Aubrey's Way Incorporated   

  O.G.B. Inc is a Colorado Construction Corporation.                      Aubrey's Way Incorporated is a Colorado Charitable Non Profit           Whose Business includes New Tech Construction                       Whose Primary Purpose is to Support and Aid The Low Income            Manufacturing, and Property Management.   How,                                Community while  Improving  The Middle Class.      How,        

                         This is a Community Managed G.R.O.W.T.H.     here for    B.U.D.'s                                                                                  Grass Roots Organization Working To Help                     Businesses Under Development              

Hey. Welcome to our website.

Here at O.G.B. Inc, its for profit, and about taking care of Business, Family, and your Community. While earning a real nice Income. How? We Build wealth, with our Construction Company.

In Aubrey's Way Incorporated this non-profit  seriously intends to aid the Low Income Community & the MIDDLE CLASS. How, "we believe in change and were prepared for it."  

           Also, Please understand this means more than just gettin money, taking pics, and showin      out.    Here, things mean much more. "Take care of business."   Means more than just mindin your own.    Family includes the ones you don't like; but still love.   N.W.A. isn't just another rap group, it's a responsible          N.eighborhood W.atch A.ssociation!                 Also the question "What hood you from foo?"    Can be answered Manhood.  Fatherhood.  Brotherhood.

 NOW.  We also have many ways for you to earn a dollar or Two.             So as you go further you get the c.y.o.a.s. 

(that last word is pronounced choice)

We are working hard to be able to claim a top spot as responsible " Trend Setters & Taste Makers."   Yeah, "It's Game On Colorado."

Understand, below you can "pick and click" on any picture and it will take you where you need to go.   

Meet The Team

You might notice its the same person, Me Aubrey Parks but that's what happens when you begin a Business. You have to do everything. So to Speak to Me doing a  Specific Roles. Select a Picture. The First picture is me as The Owner. Second Picture Is me as Production Manager makin content like this website, and 101.1 "The Funky One" Our Desk top Radio. Third is me Making the actual music and Audio / Video for the Production services. Forth is myself in the field doing the Contracting or supportive services you can Hire us for. Click a picture to Contact Myself.
President & DirectorProduction ManagementProductionSupervisor Worker
balance & Goals

Our Schedule & Timeline

      Transparency, Easy to understand, and Honesty are the ways we strengthen          how we G.R.O.W.         We are in this together. 
Click on the Laptop to view upcoming Events, Schedule appointment or Service.
Now below is
"Left side" Team Get money.    or     Team get it did! "rIGHT SIDE"

So the Left Side column of pictures is the For Profit activities of O.G.B. Inc  

The Right side is the Non Profit activities of Aubrey's Way Incorporated. 

Come up

This is where you should be checking for what might interest you most.
Where we LAUNCH our part of the "Excitement" known as Colorado.  

Pick a Picture below From the Blocks & Come Up.

O.G.B. Inc Aubrey's Way Incorporated.Event ManagementCkawdem Clinic   "Healing Thoughts & ArtsSports, Competitions, Tournaments,  Alt sportsSports Therapy Theater Troope        also        New & ExcitingShelter ServicesReal Estate Management & New and ExcititngCommunity Management Group & Discussion Circle called Mack ManagementImport / ExportOceanic Research and TechGallery YaMoyoThee Akasha FoundationJust Beautiful TripsCircle of Love, and LifeThe Scholarly PursuitsEducation Assistance ProgramK.S. AcquisitionsA KS Network & Cast contentAA Numbers-n-Games Time.  Family EventsAA Supportive Services   Families in CrisisCK  Denver, Colo   Demolition & ConstructionAD  Next Level Project Management  * Exclusive *The MiUChi Effect   A Safe Time for those with ?The Miuchi Cross ProjectEveryone Can. Perspective programThe Next B.I.G. Why didnt you think of that earlier?The Big PictureHouse Time Only Initiative
O.G.B. Inc   or   Aubrey's way Incorporated   or    both Services


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Service 1.    Hire Us

Were here for you.

 Service 1.   Hire us

Here we can do many things for you. From helping you around the house, to help you keep the one you got. Our Services are.

Click hear, to see a List of our Services.

All Services Licensed, Insured, and in Good Standing as a registered Colorado Business.

Service 2.  Activate

Were about to have a real good time.

Service 2.   Activate & Support   

Come out, Enjoy yourself, and show support. 

Click here and find out what fun we got planned. 

1. Network & Showcase Fundraiser

2. Full Public Fundraiser for 12500

Service 3. Giving Back

We can give back to you.

Service 3.  Give Back 

How can we help you?

Click on the Denver google image above and type into request area what you would like for us to do for you.

 These are the Free services we are offering at this time

Support the Business        or      The Fundraising activities

Our Products.  Get you some of that.



Get what we call Tickets. But most times are just some form of Tangible thing like a ticket.

Event Specific


Yes we sell things.

Here is the online      store for our Small Products List



    No, not the puppy!                                                        Here's the Program      most of you will have      talked to me about. Where you, with structure (Please See our Split Interest Agreement), Support or Adopt-a-Dude

(A might make it Dude or a Homeless Dude)


but we can also help you get a support animal

Sign Up here for Membership

Membership / Activity

This is where you give to a specific action. On a specific level you choose you want done & WE get it did.

     Not just Cash for a        Cause here.

Together we can.


The Arrangement 

Also Known as the Deal

Here is where those interested in working with us, can choose their level of interest. 




  • See Return

  •  Get Involved

  • Have a Voice 

  • Root & Bloom

The Art


                          Music                                                       Art                                                        Fashion                               Interesting Internet Finds   Artist Corner 


Get it Did 


            First See Services List                       See Permits / License                  Third Party, also Refferences      Partner Up 
Hire Us 
        Support our Efforts        or   Assist our Structure


  • Donate

  • Support

  •                          Vouch                           Credit 

Knowingly Give 


  • Pick a Free Gift

  • Receive a Thanks

  • Know you helped

  • Claim a balancing Tax Credit

Basic Level


  • Pick a Gift

  • Receive Acknowledgement

  • Hear upcoming O.G.B. Inc events

  • Net worth & Networking Support 

Working Level 


  • Pick a B.U.D.

  • Receive a B.U.D. List & Gift

  • Hear about STAR2UP S.P.L.

  • Net worth & Networking Support

 Advisary Level
The Deal

$  :  %

  • Select  a  B.U.D.

  • Receive Board Invite

  • Choose Three S.P.L. or 1R-Stream

  • Net worth & Networking Support

Associate Level 

Now, we can get together on this money making venture.

Click here when you have questions about how to get in where you best fit in. 

Business Contacts 

Haven't yet decieded which   project to get in on?         Lets talk.    The Real Business numbers, and  the Official Legal Stuff. 

Here, we can support each other's Idea's. 

                                   Some agreements are contributions that are to be shared by the nonprofit organization and other beneficiaries.                                                    An agreement is created when a donor contributes assets directly to a nonprofit organization or places them in a Trust for                                                              the benefit of the nonprofit organization, but for which the organization is not the sole beneficiary.                                       

For more info talk to your Lawyer, because were here to help by showing, sharing, and facilitating this transitional G.R.O.W.T.H. process

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